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Apron Pants are the Latest Trend


Apron pants are the latest trend that a few celebrities have dared to take on. The latest look is structured pants that have an added layer of fabric which are made to resemble an apron. It’s a fresh take for those that are never quite sure if they want to wear skirts or pants.

In July, 2014, Jennifer Lopez wore a hybrid dress/pants/skirt incarnation when she attended Atelier Versace’s fall Couture presentation. The outfit was half a body hugging dress, one beaded trouser leg with a peak of hot pants underneath. She wore a similar outfit in 2014, when she attended the Fashion Rocks.

In august, Beyoncé showed off a similar look on Instagram. She wore a white 3.1 Philip Lim pants that was teamed with a black top. The reviews on the outfit were mixed, but it was able to spike the interest of the less regal celebrities and the trend kept moving forward.

This month the trend was seen again, with Kendall Jenner as she stepped out in something similar after walking in the Chanel fashion show. Her after runway look was grey apron pants and a furry sleeved crop sweater.

apron pants

Kendall was spotted again in this trend when she was attending a church service with the rest of her family. She chose to wear a pair of off white apron pants and paired them with tiny crop top and gold heels, which wouldn’t seem to be the most church appropriate outfit.

If the apron pant trend hits the high street, will you be ditching the skinny craze once and for all and switch to the skirt pants? Or will you be more tempted with the less unusual exaggerated coulette?

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