Petites in Pink


When it comes to petite women wearing pink there is some controversy around it. there have been many short women that have been told not to wear pink because it can look too young, unprofessional and unsophisticated, but fashion designers love pink and there is a rarely a season where doesn’t feature.


If you don’t like pink or know that the colour doesn’t suit you then you don’t have a problem because you won’t wear it. If you like pink though and want to wear you could be unsure.

The reasons that are given as to why petite ladies should not wear it are as follows:

  1. Wearing pink has the ability to make grown women look young. This though depends on several factors like the shade of pink and the style of the item. Frilly details like bows and ruffles that you would usually see on a little girls outfit could make women look girly and young.
  2. Pink is not the colour that screams work and power office clothing. Generally women that are shorter find it harder to be taken seriously, so petites should exact a professional image.
  3. Generally speaking colours like black, camel and navy are seen as more sophisticated than bright colours and shades of pink.

These reasons for petite women to not wear pink seem valid, but does that mean you should never wear pink?

In business situations a petite woman should avoid the colour and clothing that make her look like a child but that doesn’t mean that pink should be completely ruled out.

You will need to take into account the style lines of the garment as well as the shade of pink if you want to wear pink the right way.

Go for basics like tailored shirts or sheath dress and pencil skirts, but make sure they don’t have girly finishes like ruffles.

Pink clothing should be paired with neutral colours to avoid too much pink.

When it comes to the shade of pink you can go with a blush as it is lighter and serves as a neutral. If you go for a bold pink then pair it with black, white or another neutral colour.

Consider wearing blush pink the same way you’d wear a neutral colour because blush is so light that it can usually function as a neutral colour.

A pink print that has other colours will also work like a top or skirt, but don’t wear pink print jackets and pants.

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